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News Scan

WA Prosecution Will Seek Emergency Review of Anti-Death Penalty Ruling: John de Leon of the Seattle Times reports that the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will ask for an emergency Appellate Court review of a January 31st ruling by Judge Jeffery Ramsdell barring the death penalty as an option for two alleged killers.  Michelle Anderson and Joseph McEnroe. are charged with the murders of six people including two young children. Judge Ramsdell ruled the prosecution will not be allowed to seek the death penalty in the case due to what he considered to be improper protocol in their decision process. The ruling has been fiercely criticized by the Seattle Times' readership and by the prosecution. No specific date has been set for the appeal, but the prosecution has said their argument will be filed shortly. Continued from this post from Kent Scheidegger.

Southern CA Police Chiefs Blame AB109 for Crime Spike: Brian Day of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that southern California police chiefs are experiencing increases in the arrests of suspects who have been released to counties under Realignment.  Implemented in October 2011, Assembly Bill 109 has allowed thousands of convicts classified as non-serious, non-violent and non-sexual offenders to be placed into county jails rather than state prisons. In Glendale alone, approximately 40 percent of convicts released under AB 109 go on to commit new offenses. Glendale Police Chief Ronald De Pompa has called the policy dangerous, noting that it has made crime more difficult to control. The new law sentences parole violators to six months in county jail rather than the previous one year in prison. They are then eligible for release after serving half of the sentence. Law enforcement officials stress that the already strained county system will not be able to supervise the offenders with proper effectiveness and warn that the result will be rising crime rates statewide over the next five to 10 years.

Orange County to Resume Death Penalty Trials: Larry Welborn of the Orange County Register reports that Orange County has ten death penalty trials scheduled in 2013, after holding no capital trials in 2012.  A homicide prosecutor credited the dry spell to defense efforts postponing trials until Californians voted on Proposition 34, which would have abolished the death penalty. After voters rejected the measure the delays ended.  In addition to abolishing future death sentences, Proposition 34 would have converted the death sentences of the county's 61 death row inmates to life without parole.  The first sentencing trial will be held for Jason Balcom who was convicted last year of the brutal 1988 murder of housewife Malinda Gibbons, 22. 

Jerry Brown Pardoned 128 Convicts in 2012: David Siders of the Sacramento Bee reports in 2012, California Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned 128 convicts, six times more than in 2011, and far more than any governor has granted in years. Comparatively, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made only 16 pardons throughout his entire time in office. Gov. Gray Davis granted no pardons at all. The majority of those pardoned by Brown were convicted of drug offenses or of property crimes. However among some beneficiaries were convicted of manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, and statutory rape. In addition to the pardons, 79 of which were announced on Christmas Eve, Brown also commuted the prison sentence of Shirley Ree Smith, convicted of shaking her infant grandson to death in 1997.

Gov. Brown May Release Manson Family Member: CNN's Michael Martinez and Kyung Lah report that California Gov. Jerry Brown is deciding whether or not to grant parole to convicted killer, and former Manson Family member, Bruce Davis, 70. The state parole board sent Brown's office a formal recommendation Friday. The first-degree murders of Gary Hinman and Donald "Shorty" Shea were committed in 1969. Davis has been serving a life sentence since April 21, 1972. Davis' last parole recommendation was reversed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010. Brown must make his decision on the recommendation by March 3.

India's President Approves Death Penalty for Gang Rapes: The BBC reports India President Pranab Mukherjee approved a new laws Sunday which allows death sentences for cases of rape where the victim later dies or is left in a vegetative state.  . The laws also requires a minimum 20 years to life sentence in cases of gang rape, rape of a minor, rape by a policeman or another person in authority. The new laws also includes stalking, voyeurism, and acid attacks. The decision comes in the wake of the vicious gang rape by six men of a 23-year-old woman riding home on a bus in New Delhi on December 16, 2012. The student died of trauma two weeks after the brutal attack described in this News Scan. Five of the suspects pleaded not guilty in the case. The sixth suspect, 17, will be tried as a juvenile. The amendments to the law are currently active. However, a bill must be submitted by the parliament within six weeks after the new session begins on February 21. The new laws will cease to be valid if the bill is not passed.


// India's President Approves Death Penalty for Gang Rapes // Awesome!!

America once employed the death penalty for individual rape as well,
beside the rest of nations even beyond the Judeo-Christian world.

We have since grown so much in our "tolerance", as to now possess great sympathy for the rapist; not so much for the victim.

I have seen my Father's photos of his South Indian friend who bears machete scars from the "radical" Hindus who attacked him during a baptismal service. Yet Hindus and presumably Muslims and Christians in the Indian government can agree that rape is worthy of death! ÂãäUðû {Amen}


“In 1786, fifteen-year-old Barbara Witmer suffered a horrific assault.

A group of men kidnapped her from her Pennsylvania home at gunpoint,
and one of these men repeatedly raped Barbara before her family and friends managed to rescue her…
Eventually, six men were convicted in the attack. The man who had raped Barbara received a death sentence.”--www.common-place.org


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