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News Scan

Manhunt for Cop-Shooter Continues: The L.A. Times reports that Christopher Dorner, suspected of killing three people and injuring two, was still on the loose Friday. Various cities mentioned by Dorner in his Facebook manifesto have been placed on alert as the search for the ex-cop expands. Cities in California, Utah, Florida and elsewhere have been alerted as potential targets. Federal, state and local authorities in California and Nevada have intensified their search after Dorner's torched vehicle was found near the Big Bear, CA resort area.

Convicted Killer To Be Released in OR: Nicole Doll of Fox News reports that convicted killer, Scott William Cox, will be released from Deer Ridge Correctional Institution in two weeks. Cox, 49, has served approximately 20 of his 25 year sentence. Found guilty, after pleading no contest, to the 1990 murder of Reena Ann Brunson and the subsequent 1991 murder of Victoria Rhone.  He escaped aggravated murder charges when a judge ruled his confessions invalid. A long-range truck driver, Cox has been suspected in up to 20 unsolved murders throughout the country. On February 22 he will be transferred to a Yamhill County jail, living there as a boarder, where he will be able to come and go at his leisure. Police are highly concerned at his return to the county where he was first arrested for murder, and say they will monitor the high-risk offender closely.

Parolee Suspected in OK Quadruple Homicide:
Tulsa World's Cary Aspinwall reports Cedric Dwayne Poore was arrested for violating parole and is suspected in the January 7 murder of four women. Poore, a convicted felon, was found guilty of a misdemeanor parole violation in early October. The warrant for his arrest, delayed by paperwork, revisions, and approvals, arrived in Oklahoma City on December 11, but wasn't returned to Tulsa until two weeks later. Poore and his brother James, also a suspect in the shooting, are being held without bail in the Tulsa Jail.

FL Anti-Death Penalty Bill Off The Table for 2013: Rick Stone of WLRN reports that a bill aimed at abolishing Florida's death penalty has been rejected for the 2013 legislative session. The House Criminal Justice subcommittee denied the bill on Thursday. Sponsor, State Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, says she will reintroduce it in 2014, as she has every year since 2011. In response, House Criminal Justice subcommittee chairman Matt Gaetz hopes to find ways to shorten death penalty delays. Florida's death penalty is widely cited as an effective deterrent with popular support. State prisons have seen a decline in recidivism, hailing the combined effect of capital punishment, with emphasis on the education, job training and drug rehab programs provided. Prison admissions have dropped by 21 percent over the last 4 years.

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