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News Scan

$1 Million Reward Offered for Dorner:  CNN's Matt Smith reports Los Angeles city officials are offering $1 million for information leading to the capture of Christopher Dorner. Police are trying to convince the ex-cop to give himself up. It is feared he may have crossed into Nevada or Mexico. On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Chief said the LAPD will review Dorner's 2009 proceedings and claims against his department.

IN Killer May Face Death Penalty:  The San Francisco Chronicle reports a jury recommended last Friday that Kevin Isom, 47, be sentenced to death. On Tuesday, February 5, a jury convicted Isom for the August 2007 murders of his wife and two stepchildren. The sentence will be handed down March 8.

LA Inmates Set to Plead Guilty:  Holbrook Mohr of the Associated Press reports two Louisiana convicts are expected to plead guilty to a four-state crime spree. The two felons, Darian "Drake" Pierce and Ricky Wedgeworth, escaped from a Baton Rouge compound after stealing a prison van. The duo carried out a series of violent crimes while on the run for 10 days in March 2011. They allegedly abducted, beat, and strangled David Cupps, 53, for his rental car. Cupps' body was found dumped in an Alabama hotel. The spree ended with their capture in Memphis, Tennessee. The two are charged with kidnapping resulting in death, carjacking, conspiracy and transportation of a stolen vehicle. Update: Jack Elliott Jr. of the Associated Press reports Pierce and Wedgeworth pleaded guilty Monday.

CA Loses Money to Inmate Lawsuits:  The Associated Press reports California Governor Jerry Brown is clashing with federal courts over control of the state's prison system. Gov. Brown has been calling for an end to frivolous and expensive lawsuits that have been forcing billions of dollars from the state budget into medical and mental healthcare for inmates. Over $200 million in legal costs alone has been spent on inmate lawsuits over the past 15 years.

OH May Overhaul Plea System:  United Press International reports that the case of Kareem "Little Red" Gilbert may lead to an overhaul of Ohio's plea deal system. A jury convicted Gilbert of the October 2008 fatal shooting of Brian Austin. The witness to the killing, Vernon Davis, fled the scene. Gilbert's father allegedly hunted down and killed Davis days later. Gilbert agreed to testify against his father in trade for pleading guilty to manslaughter and an 18 year prison sentence. He reneged on the plea agreement during the trial, telling the jury his father did not kill Davis. Prosecutors asked the judge to reinstate the previous charges, including murder. Gilbert then pleaded guilty to murder, and received a sentence of 18 years to life. Gilbert's attorney appealed the decision to reinstate the previous charges. An Ohio Supreme Court panel affirmed the appeal 2-1, reversing the murder charge. Prosecutors have 30 days to appeal for a harsher sentence.

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