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News Scan

PA Convicted Killer May Face Death Penalty:  Ashlie Hardaway of WTAE reports Ricky Smyrnes, 26, was found guilty Thursday of first-degree murder in Pennsylvania. Smyrnes and five accomplices brutally tortured and killed Jennifer Daugherty, a 30-year old mentally disabled woman. Smyrnes will face either a lifetime prison sentence or be executed. Continued from this News Scan.

TN Killer Asks Federal Court For Mercy:  Jamie Satterfield of the Knoxville News Sentinel reports Christa Gail Pike has petitioned a federal court to stay her execution in Tennessee. Pike was 18 when she and two others murdered 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer in 1995. Along with Tadaryl Shipp, 17, and another friend, Pike lured Slemmer to an unobserved area at a university. Slemmer was bludgeoned, and attacked with a box cutter and meat cleaver. Pike saved a piece of her skull as a trophy. Shipp is serving life in prison. The other accomplice divulged crucial information and is on probation.

Former Governor of NY Denied Immunity:  The Wall Street Journal reports  the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan denied Gov. George Pataki and his colleagues in their bid for immunity from a lawsuit. The former governor is being sued over allegations that prisoner transfers to psychiatric facilities done without hearings were unconstitutional. Part of the involuntary process involved invasive tests on prisoners' arousal patterns. In November 2006, the program was discontinued when a state court ruled that the proceedings were wrongfully done.

OR Police Allowed To Review Phone Video Without Warrant:  Dan Tilkin of KATU News reports  the Gresham Police Department in Oregon has declared phone seizure without a warrant is legal under certain circumstances. The statement comes after Carrie Medina was recording a man resisting arrest, and denied a Gresham transit officer access to the recorded evidence on her phone. The officer removed the phone from her possession to review the evidence. Gresham PD Spokesman Lt. Claudio Grandjean said that in such cases where recorded evidence can be deleted so quickly, an officer does not need a warrant.

$24M Mental Health Center for Prisoners Opens in CA:  KCRA reports a $24 million mental health treatment facility has opened in Vacaville, California. The state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation invested over $1.3 billion since 2009 for CA inmate mental health. Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard hopes the center will prompt federal oversight of the state's correctional system to end.

MI Democrats Seek to Remove Assault Weapons:  Joe Newby of The Examiner reports Democrats in Missouri have introduced a bill that would give owners of assault weapons 90 days to turn them in, disable them, or remove them from the state. Under H.B. 545 failure to comply with the regulations would result in a Class C felony, carrying a potential sentence of up to seven years in prison. The bill is not expected to pass, but is seen as a test of public opinion for future gun control bills.

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