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News Scan

Juvenile Attempted Murderer Could Serve 40 Years:  Jessica Anderson of the Baltimore Sun reports that Colorado high school student Robert W. Gladden Jr., pleaded guilty Tuesday to the attempted murder of Daniel Borowy, 17.  Gladden, 15, expressed his desire to kill himself after using his father's shotgun to shoot Borowy, a special needs student. As part of Gladden's plea deal, prosecutors dropped 27 other charges against him. Gladden faces a possibility of 40 years in prison at sentencing next week.

AZ Lawmakers Get Tough on Sex Offenders: 
David Goins of Arkansas Matters reports that the Arkansas House unanimously passed SB150 Tuesday, allowing parole boards to deny parole eligibility to lower level sex offenders. Previously  Arizona sex offenders not convicted of rape, or 1st or 2nd degree sexual assault, were eligible for early release. SB150 passed the Senate last week. Gov. Beebe is expected to sign the bill into law this week.

Supreme Court to Rule on DNA Collection: 
Rebecca Forand of the South Jersey Times reports that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case of Maryland v. King, involving a defense challenge to a 2011 New Jersey law which allows DNA testing of those arrested for violent crimes. If the high court finds in the defendant's favor, the new precedent will bar testing in New Jersey and at least 25 other states until a suspect is convicted. More on the case, Maryland v. King and its implications can be found on our blog here, and in an article here.

OK Killer Will Face the Death Penalty:  Tim Talley of the Associated Press reports that prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Oklahoma City killer Denny Edward Phillips, who is charged with the murders of Casey Mark Barrientos, and three others, including two pregnant women. Phillips ex-girlfriend alleges that he and another man, David Allen Tyner, decided to kill Barrientos and anyone they found with him because of a payoff dispute over his drug dealing. Phillips faces six counts of murder.  All the victims were stabbed, shot and set on fire. The preliminary hearing began last week and will continue on Feb. 26.  

High Court Denies Killer's Appeal: 
John Ingold of The Denver Post reports that U.S. Supreme Court judges Tuesday denied to hear an a death sentence appeal from Colorado's longest-serving death-row inmate. Nathan Dunlap, convicted of killing four people at an Aurora, Colorado Chuck E. Cheese, will now wait to have his execution date set. Dunlap killed three teenagers and one adult on the night of December 14, 1993 after being fired from his job at the restaurant.

Property Crimes Rise With Realignment: 
Grant Scott-Goforth of The Willits News reports that Humboldt County, California is experiencing a substantial rise in property crimes. Vehicle thefts and burglaries in the county are all up dramatically since 2011. Law enforcement officials attribute the dramatic increase to AB 109.

Warren Lee Hill Escapes Death Penalty: 
The New York Daily News reports that Warren Lee Hill, set to be executed yesterday, has been granted a stay of execution by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Continued from this News Scan.

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