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Early-released sex offender rapes, kills own grandmother

Jennie Rodriguez-Moore reports for the Stockton Record:

A 39-year-old man was arraigned Thursday for the rape, murder and robbery of his own grandmother.

Jerome DeAvila, a registered sex offender, was arrested Tuesday following the discovery of his 76-year-old grandmother's body in the backyard of her southeast Stockton home.

The victim, identified as Racheal Russell, was found by a neighbor inside a wheelbarrow after DeAvila's uncle had gone to check on her.
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DeAvila was an AB109 inmate, said Deputy Dave Konecny of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office. The law shifted responsibility of "non-violent, non-sexual and non-serious" felony offenders from state prisons to county corrections in October 2011.

Konecny said DeAvila had been placed on a parole hold for his failure to register. The charge is a misdemeanor charge.

He said DeAvila was released on a court cap, a mandate to reduce jail population when it reaches capacity.

Realignment was sold on the misleading representation that it did not apply to violent, sexual, or "serious" felons.  But legislation has indirect effects beyond its direct application.  By shifting prisoner population to jails that were already overcrowded in many counties, realignment caused release of many inmates who should have been in county, including violent sex criminals.

People with sense have known the whole time that realignment would increase crime and that the predictions to the contrary by "experts" were political-correctness-driven hooey.  Mrs. Russell's horrible death is grisly confirmation of that.

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