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Good News for Legal Education

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It's not exactly a secret that legal education is dominated by liberals in general and, as regards criminal law in particular, by those sympathetic to the defense.  My alma mater, Stanford, runs a Supreme Court Litigation Clinic that, in criminal cases, uniformly sides with the bad guy.  I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to say that the Clinic has been remarkably successful.  

There has been encouraging news of late, however, as diversity  --  diversity of ideas, that is  --  seems to be getting a foothold.  Were that not the case, I doubt I would have been invited to become an adjunct professor at Georgetown.

But there is better news still.  Stanford, along with other well-known law schools such as Columbia and NYU, have now made it possible for veterans to attend "without paying a dime in tuition," so reports this WSJ story carried by Fox News.

Reaching out to veterans carries multiple advantages for law schools. There are public relations and marketing benefits to helping cover the cost of enrollment for veterans at a time when concerns about rising tuition are running high. The payments can also help schools recruit high-quality students they otherwise might have lost to public competitors without too much damage to the bottom line.

Congratulations to my alma mater for getting it right.  For once.

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That'd have been a nice program when I left Army in 2003...though my LSAT probably wasn't Ivy caliber.

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