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It's The Culture

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Juan Williams has this op-ed in the WSJ, titled Race and the Gun Debate.  I often disagree with Williams, but he is an independent thinker, and he has the courage to call attention to the elephant in the living room, the huge problem that everyone knows about but is afraid to mention.

The debate over gun control too often seems a matter of abstractions about the meaning of the Constitution and the permissible capacities of ammunition magazines. Why is so little time spent on a question of more immediate concern--namely, why are so many young black people using guns to kill their neighbors?
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In speaking about social breakdown in those minority communities, the president put the gun issue in the context of high rates of out-of-wedlock births that lead to high rates of childhood poverty. "I wish I had a father who was around and involved," the president said, in words that echoed loudly through black and Latino neighborhoods nationally because he revealed a pain so common, yet so rarely confessed, among young people of color.

The shame and silence is enforced by civil-rights leaders who speak in support of gun control but never about a dysfunctional gangster-rap culture that glorifies promiscuity, drug dealers and the power of the gun.

The culture problem is broader and deeper than that.  Far too many young people are learning a disdain for rules, law, respect for others, work ethic, and the traditional values that society depends on to make most people do the right thing most of the time, so we can reserve criminal sanctions for the few deviants.  Culture rot exists across our entire society.  As with many problems, black America has a more severe case of a disease that also infects white America.

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elephant in the living room:
"I wish I had a father who was around and involved," the president said

$64k question:
"Without a transcendent moral demand, why would a man stay after getting
what he wants?," adamakis said

1. "Without God and the future life...Everything is permitted"

2. "Religious affiliation in the US is at its lowest point
since it began to be tracked in the 1930s...no religious
preference, more than double[d] the number reported in 1990."

-- F. Dostoevsky, The Bros. Karamazov, 1878
-- newscenter.berkeley.edu/2013/03/12/non-believers/


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