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News Scan

CA Gov. Examining Realignment's Impact:  David Siders of the Sacramento Bee reports that Gov. Jerry Brown is looking into the impact of AB 109. The California governor admits the program has no clearly defined goals for its success. Republican lawmakers blame AB 109 for increasing crime rates in CA since implementation. Multiple bills are in the works by primarily Republicans, and some Democrats, aimed at curbing these effects. Bills discussed here by Bill Otis. The first of these bills, AB 2, was voted down along party lines last week. Continued in this News Scan.

Chicago Cop Who Committed Suicide Suffered from PTSD: 
CBS reports that Ryan Healy, a Chicago police officer who took his own life, suffered from PTSD. Telling his family he was overwhelmed by the violence, death, and negative impact on children he saw on the job, he reported feeling increasingly hopeless before shooting himself. The Chicago Police Department is one of many that have recognized the problem of PTSD among officers. Although systems are in place to help those who ask for it, those in the law enforcement subculture often find it hard to admit needing help. More on Chicago's rising crime problem in this News Scan.

TX Police Chief Has New Strategy to Fight Crime: 
Susan Schrock of the Star-Telegram reports that new Arlington Police Chief Will Johnston laid out a crime reduction strategy on Tuesday. The plan which Johnston calls "Focus on Five" will refocus geographic policing areas, utilize a multi-year approach on some crime issues, and involve the community both in person and on the Internet. The strategy comes following an overall drop in the city's crime rate coupled with a slight rise in violent crimes.

PA House Passes Victim Advocacy Parole Legislation: 
Tony Romeo of CBS reports that Pennsylvania's House has passed House Bill 492, granting victims of crimes, or their representatives, the right to testify before the state Board of Probation and Parole. Mike Vereb (R-Montgomery County) is sponsoring the bill. The legislation came in response to the parole of Rafael Robb, a professor convicted of manslaughter in his wife's death. The subsequent outcry caused his parole to be revoked. The bill is expected to pass the Senate, and reach the governor this spring.

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