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News Scan

Suspect in CO Prison Chief's Death Killed in TX Shootout:  CBS News reports that Colorado parolee Evan Spencer Ebel, 28, was pronounced dead Friday morning after shootout with Texas police. Ebel was suspected of killing Colorado Department of Corrections Chief Tom Clements on Tuesday. He was also suspected of killing a pizza deliveryman, Nathan Leon, 27, on Sunday. Officers had attempted to pull Ebel over. He then opened fire, seriously wounding a police officer. Ebel led officers on a high-speed chase that ended when he crashed into a semi. A firefight ended only when Ebel was shot in the head. A member of the Brotherhood of Aryan Alliance prison gang, he was convicted of various other crimes since 2003, including assault on a prison guard. Investigators are looking into the possibility that Clement was killed on a hit ordered by Ebel's gang.

New Orleans Judge Says Felons Have the Right to Bear Arms:  Claire Galofaro of the Times-Picayune reports Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Darryl Derbigny ruled Louisiana's state law forbidding certain felons from possessing firearms to be incompatible with the state's constitution. The ruling follows an amendment defining the right to bear arms as fundamental for its citizens, on par with freedom of speech and religion. Public defender Jill Pasquarella defended Derbigny, saying it was irrational to ban felons from guns when convicted of non-firearms related crimes. The state Supreme Court will review the statute.

Riverside Crime Rising Under Realignment: 
Alicia Robinson of the Press-Enterprise reports crime is on the rise in Riverside, California as overcrowded jails resulting from AB 109 are forcing early releases and decreased consequences. Riverside County's inmate population grew 22 percent more than had been projected in the first year under Realignment. Rising crime rates in the city over the last year are reversing a 10 year downward trend. Out of 921 parolees searched by police from January 2012 through February 2013, 207 were found violating parole. Of those, 48 were under community supervision. 402 arrests were made over the 14 month period, most of which were for suspicion of felonies. Continued from this News Scan.

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