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No SCOTUS Crim Action

The US Supreme Court held a brief session this morning, announcing one opinion in a civil case and taking up one civil case.  Their next internal conference is March 15, and the next public session is March 18.  There are no criminal cases on the March argument calendar.  Zippo.

In one sense, I suppose, no news is good news.  When the US Supreme Court decides criminal cases, especially those from state courts, it is often engaged in the process of making up new constitutional restrictions that are not really in the Constitution, and the less it does that the better.  On the other hand, we have had substantial success in the last two decades in trimming back errors of old, such as pruning the exclusionary rule or enforcing Congress's 1996 habeas reform against the "massive resistance" of recalcitrant federal judges.  Much remains to be done in these areas, but the Court seems to be inclined to take a breather for now.

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