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The Ethics of Criminal Defense

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The case of disgraced defense lawyer Charles Daum was the subject of my post here. There was a follow-up post, which has inspired 30 comments as of this writing.  That must be something like a record for the blog.

As it happens, the numerous comments have morphed into a decently high quality debate about the ethics of criminal defense work.   The main participants are jaymacke (an Ohio public defender) and decencyevolves on one side, and federalist and yours truly on the other.

The entry is now a few days old, but the debate has become more focused, and thus more informative, as it has developed.  I invite readers interested in this subject to take a look at  the comment thread.

1 Comment

Bill, the ethics of the defense bar can be shown in one case. Remember, David Westerfield? He is Danielle Van Dam's killer. His defense attorneys, knowing full well he did it (because he had told them where her body was) argued to the jury that one of the Van Dams' friends could have killed the little girl. This was an out and out lie, since there was no possible way that could have been true, and they knew it.

Defense attorneys argued this was ethical conduct. It's not. And it is disgusting that they weren't disbarred.

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