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Useful Republican Idiots

I have not been shy about criticizing Eric Holder, Patrick Leahy, John Conyers and other Democrats for their feckless and often perverse views on crime and punishment.  I'm happy  --  I guess  --  to be able to spread the blame to the other side of the aisle.  First there was the "Right on Crime" movement.  Now comes "Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty" an organization that, like other abolitionist groups, (justifiably) shows reluctance to speak its true name, preferring merely to be "concerned" or to want a "dialogue" or the other of the slippery words you hear used so often.  Often, that is, when the group speaking wants no death penalty, ever, no matter what, but also wants to advertise itself as just having an open mind.

Sen. Rand Paul, the new hero of libertarianism, had this to say:

"Even in the United States where we have the best due process probably in the world, we have probably executed people wrongfully for the death penalty, then found out through DNA testing many people on death row are there inaccurately. And even Republicans have pulled back their beliefs some on death penalty."

Sen. Paul, who otherwise prides himself on being outspoken and uncompromising, leaves himself some wiggle room here, but you get the idea.

CJLF is non-partisan, but I personally am a Republican.  Still, I have to tip my hat to the Democrats.  They seem to have many fewer grandstanding useful idiots than my party does.


"[Democrats] seem to have many fewer grandstanding useful idiots
than my party does."

Is the intelligent puppet master less culpable
than the wooden dummy he adulterates?

Nevertheless, your focus on the "useful idiots" is more needful, since a strident liberal has so little likelihood of changing. Accordingly, I have begun to appeal to justice, to morality, to Scripture, and to history to influence these "Conservatives Concerned".

The contact information for "Advocacy Coordinator" Marc Hyden is: MarcH@conservativesconcerned.org,
(404) 918-2731.


Sorry, Prof. Otis.
Nothing yet; just initially reached out today to Hayden & Sekulow (jsekulow@aclj.org).
_____ _____
I suspect that I need to summon a good piece for the good *Senator Paul,
and genuinely respect his independent spirit, so I need more tick-tocks.

*Rick Santorum's statement of 'support' on the "Concerned Conservatives"
site is the most reasonable, as he seems to actually countenance DP
usage, so I hope with some pertainant information, he may grow.

Based on their good work, I really respect these guys, and refuse to believe
the broad-brush portrayal of all politicians as phonies.
Family members and I have met/known a few celebs in our day, and there
is no aura, nor are they necessarily insincere or 'fakes' either.

From what little I know of pols, the same holds at this point, but we'll see.
(Matt 5:45; Prov 14:15)


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