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A Really Bad Duo for Crime Victims, Present and Future

Q:  What's worse than a bunch of defense-friendly Stanford Law students presenting Gov. Moonbeam with their "study" about the wonderfulness of Realignment?

A:  Not a whole lot.

The story is almost (but not quite) indecipherable because of its intentionally opaque academic gobbledygook.  Maybe someone smarter than I am can translate it.  I was able to figure out, however, that it never contains any plain truth like, "California citizens are going to suffer more crime because of this thing; it's only a matter of how much and how bad."

Still, stuck in near the end is this paragraph:

One repeated concern the student researchers heard from numerous practitioners across the state is the challenge counties face in effectively supervising a new type of offender. As explained by second-year student Mariam Hinds, "Counties are dealing with a more criminally sophisticated and hardened caseload due to the fact that some realigned offenses are more serious than pre-Realignment offenses that would have been sentenced locally and some inmates being released back to the counties from prison on post-release community supervision have serious or violent criminal histories."

You can kind of see what they're saying, or, more correctly, prefer not to say.

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