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A Surviving Victim's Story

(Updated) Texas murderer/kidnapper/rapist Richard Cobb has been executed. The US Supreme Court denied a stay Thursday afternoon.  No dissent is noted. Maegan Prejean had this story earlier this week for KTRE:

The state of Texas has set an execution date for an East Texas man. Richard Cobb of Rusk was convicted of kidnapping and murder in 2002. KTRE spoke to one of the victims who escaped the tragedy he caused.

Nikki Daniels escaped abduction, sexual assault, and death. She was and still is a brave woman who will be present for the execution of Cobb Thursday.

"I feel that I was put in a victims place that night but I came out a survivor," Nikki Daniels said.

She's a survivor who will never be the same emotionally or physically.
"I had a collapsed lung, and broken ribs, and the gunshot wound," Daniels said.

Through it all she was able to escape the night of September 2, 2002. Daniels, co-worker Candace, and customer Kenneth Vandever were robbed and kidnapped by Beunka Adams and Richard Cobb from a convenience store in Rusk.

They were taken from the convenience store to a pea patch where Daniels was raped. The trio was beaten and forced to kneel down on the ground.

"I still have the injury and I'll always have the injury; and I don't think my injury is going to get better," Daniels said.

The three were each shot with a 12-gauge shotgun and left for dead.

Update 1:  Michael Graczyk reports for AP on the content of Cobb's last appeal.  There is no question of guilt.

His lawyers from the University of Houston-based Texas Innocence Network unsuccessfully contended in an appeal to the high court that a prison expert at Cobb's trial in 2004 falsely described how much freedom the convicted Cobb could expect if Cherokee County jurors gave him life in prison rather than a death sentence.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals correctly decided last week that Cobb's claim was barred under the Texas successive petition statute.  A second habeas petition by a prisoner who has already had one decided against him is only considered in a few special circumstances, and this isn't one of them.

BTW, why is the Innocence Network spending its resources representing someone who is unquestionably guilty?  Is Texas completely out of prisoners with substantial claims of innocence?  Good news, if true.

Update 2: Kenneth Dean reports for the Tyler Morning Telegraph:

HUNTSVILLE -- Richard Cobb, 29, was put to death by lethal injection tonight for his role in the Sept. 2, 2002 murder of Rusk resident Kenneth Vandever after a robbery and kidnapping.

Cobb has been on death row since he was found guilty and condemned to die in 2003. He died at 6:27 p.m. on Thursday.

The updated version of the AP story (link in Update 1) says Cobb "was pronounced dead 16 minutes after the lethal drug was injected."

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