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We hear a lot about diversity.  Yet the kind of diversity that academia needs most is rarely mentioned.  Nick Rosenkranz at VC notes that the Harvard Federalist Society is doing something about it:

The Harvard Chapter of the Federalist Society is hosting a very important conference tomorrow on intellectual diversity in the legal academy.

Many people realize that legal academia "leans" to the left. But even alumni -- indeed, even major donors -- are often unaware of the extent of the imbalance. At Georgetown, for example, the ratio of liberals to conservatives/libertarians is roughly 116 to 3. At most top schools, the ratio is similar. One might quibble about definitions, but even on the broadest conception of "conservative" or "libertarian" or, let's just say, "right of the American center," most top law schools can count such professors on one hand. In public law, and particularly constitutional law, the disparity is even more extreme.
The conference agenda is here.  I won't make it to Cambridge tomorrow, so I hope this comes out is some recorded form in the not-too-distant future.
Does that Georgetown number includes adjuncts?  If so, C&C readers can guess one of the three.


Ha! I think the number includes regular faculty only. Two of the three I know -- Don Wallace and Randy Barnett. The third must have been asked to take a visiting professorship at the University of Siberia.

Still, Georgetown does tolerate me, and I'm not exactly one of these pretend conservatives like David Brooks, so more power to them.

P.S. They even cut me a sweet deal where I only have to teach in the fall semester, so I get to go to Hawaii in January and February.

Bill, I think you should try to be an adjunct at my alma mater law school, University of San Diego - off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 conservative professors at USD.

Believe it or not, I took Crim Pro from a conservative (and torts, con law, and contracts for what it is worth), so maybe I learned it right from the get go. I'm sure you are ok with learning about International Shoe and Erie from a liberal professor, right?

And, San Diego has way better weather than DC.

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