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How many people in America said "Good" when they heard that Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been killed in a shootout with police?  That was, I suspect, a common reaction.

It is common because death is the only adequate punishment for this crime, and people have no confidence in the ability of our government to deliver it.  They know to a certainty that the government will not deliver it in anything like the time frame it should.

The Massachusetts Legislature has unwisely failed to reinstate capital punishment after the judiciary struck down the prior law on dubious grounds.  The federal government is utterly inept in capital cases.  The primary Oklahoma City bomber was executed, but his accomplice got off with a life sentence due to Congress's failure to fix the preposterous single-juror-veto law.  The "20th highjacker" got off the same way.  The 9/11 mastermind and the Foot Hood shooter haven't even gone to trial yet, years after their crimes.

It is not good when our government is so inept at delivering justice that people cheer at the news of someone being gunned down in the street, even a terrorist.  We need to fix the system.

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While I can't speak for anyone else, my reaction was one of sadness that Boston's finest weren't able to take both brothers alive. What the cause of death was for Tamerlin Tsarnaev -- bullet wounds, and/or being run over by his younger brother while he lay on the ground after police had subdued him -- was uncertain when last I checked. But an officer-involved shooting is a tragedy for all involved. Clearly, if the older brother died at least in part because of an officer-involved shooting, the purpose of the police was not to kill but to apprehend him while acting in self-defense and the defense of others. And officer-involved shootings are traumatic events for the police. So saying "Good" seems to me a tragically misguided policy, like the death penalty.

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