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Knife Control

CNN reports that 14 people were injured today, two now in critical condition, in a knifing attack on a Texas college campus.

I guess this means President Obama will be telling us tomorrow that we need expanded federal knife control, and  --  as he did just recently in Connecticut  --  that anyone not in full agreement with his suggestions must have forgotten the horror.

It may well be that some of Obama's proposals are good ideas.  I'm willing to assume arguendo that they are.  The problems are that (1) it's unworthy (not to mention stupid) of President Nixon Obama to impugn the humanity and motives of the opposition, and (2) as today's episode illustrates, the focus should be on the person using the weapon, not on the weapon itself.

Today's attacker didn't use a gun.  Neither did John Wayne Gacy or Timothy McVeigh.  Eliminate the criminal  --  as justifiably both of them were eliminated  --  and we won't need to worry so much about the type of weapon he'll no longer be able to use. 

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