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News Scan

OH Craigslist Killer Sentenced to Death:  Kim Palmer of Reuters reports that Ohio Judge Lynne Callahan sentenced Richard Beasley to death Thursday. Beasley, who used the website Craigslist to lure his victims, was convicted of kidnapping and murdering three people and attempting to murder a fourth. Beasley's fourth attempted victim, Scott Davis said he will be watching and will be happy to see him executed. Continued from this News Scan.

CA Man Pleads Not Guilty in Northridge Kidnapping:  Greg Risling of the Associated Press reports that alleged child kidnapper Daniel Martinez entered a not guilty plea Wednesday to the charges of kidnapping and burglary. Martinez, 29, is believed to have aided Tobias Summers, 30, in kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from her Northridge home on March 27. Prosecutors say Martinez left after the abduction, and Summers repeatedly raped the girl. Summers is still on the loose and is thought to be in the San Diego area or in Mexico. Summers has been convicted of robbery, theft, kidnapping, and explosives possession since 2002. He was also suspected of battery in a child annoyance case in 2009. He was put on probation under Realignment in July 2012. According to LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Summers was arrested on January 13, 2013 for violating his probation and released only three days later. Continued from this News Scan.
Update: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced Friday that police have a video of alleged child killer and rapist Tobias Summers entering Mexico a few days ago. Chief Beck is unclear whether Summers is still in Mexico or back in California at this time.

CA Convict Released Under Realignment Held for Rape: 
Robert J. Lopez of the Los Angeles Times reports that Juan Francisco Aguilera is now being held on suspicion of rape. He had been released from prison to probation in San Bernardino County under AB 109. Aguilera allegedly raped his victim at a motel Monday night threatening to kill her if she reported him. He has an extensive criminal record, including: convictions for robbery, grand theft auto, drug possession, receiving stolen property, intimidating or dissuading a victim or witness, and is known to associate with gangs. Fontana Police Chief Rod Jones cites the case as a prime example of his concerns under Realignment and expects the problems to increase.

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