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TX Executes Carjacking Killer: The Associated Press reports that convicted killer Ronnie Threadgill, 40, was executed by lethal injection Tuesday in Texas. On April 15, 2001, Threadgill fatally shot 17-year-old Dexter McDonald in the chest during a carjacking. Threadgill was released from prison on parole just three months before the murder. He had a long criminal history including assault, theft, burglary, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief, felony cocaine possession, and misdemeanor marijuana possessions.

Realignment Hits San Bernardino County Hard: Imran Ghori of the Press-Enterprise reports that the probation caseload in San Bernardino County is the second-highest, per capita, in the State of California. On Tuesday, Chief Probation Officer Michelle Scray Brown told the Board of Supervisors that since the October 2011 start of Realignment through last March, 4,711 probationers have been sent to the county, 25 percent more than anticipated. County risk assessments show that 58 percent of offenders sent to the county are at a high-risk of violence. Sheriff John McMahon explained that as a result, assaults among inmates have surged by 100 percent, while assaults on deputies rose by 50 percent. According to McMahon, the number of inmates being sent to prison from county jail has declined dramatically under Realignment, from about 400 per month to around 80 to 85. Public safety officials also told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday that some so-called low-level offenders are being released back into communities without serving any jail time.

Poll: Gun Control Not Most Important: Only 4% of Americans believe that gun control is the most important problem according to an April 4-7 Gallup survey of 1,005 adults.  A story by Michael James of CNS news reports on the polls finding that, in order of importance; the economy, jobs, dissatisfaction with government, federal debt, healthcare, and the decline of the family all ranked higher than guns and gun control, which was tied at 4% with the issues of immigration, education, and North Korea. 

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Poll: Gun Control
PoliceOne's survey of 15,595 U.S. Law Enforcement officers:

— · "95% say that a federal ban on manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds would not reduce violent crime.
· 92% feel that banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would
have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime.
· 91% support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or have not been deemed psychologically incapable
· 91% said the use of a firearm while perpetrating a crime should lead to a stiff, mandatory sentence with no plea bargains.”
— · "86% of officers consider that casualties in Newton and Aurora would have
been reduced or avoided altogether with a legally-armed citizen [present.]
· 85% of officers say the passage of the White House’s currently
proposed legislation would have a zero or negative effect on their safety, with
just over 10% saying it would have a moderate or significantly positive effect."
· 82% believe gun buyback or turn-in programs are ineffective in reducing the
level of gun violence
· 81% agree with arming volunteer teachers/administrators at school...17%
support arming only sworn school resource officers”
· 80% feel that legally-armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shooting incidents"
— · "71% say a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of some semi-automatics would have no effect on reducing violent crime. However, more than 20% say any
ban would actually have a negative effect on reducing violent crime.
[91% total opposed to federal ban]
· 71% support law enforcement leaders who have publicly refused to enforce
more restrictive gun laws within their jurisdictions
· 61% said they would refuse to enforce [more restrictive gun] laws if they themselves were Chief or Sheriff."

· 59% believe increasing punishment severity for unlicensed dealers would reduce crime."

▼▼▼▼▼▼ "help most in preventing large scale shootings in public": ▼▼▼▼▼▼
· "28.8% concealed carry policies for civilians
· 19.6% more aggressive institutionalization for mentally ill persons
· 15.8% more armed guards/paid security personnel"
· …0.9% more legislative restrictions on “assault weapons” and ammo magazines

· Respondents were more split on background checks, with 31 % agreeing that mental health background checks in all gun sales would help reduce mass shootings, while 45 % disagreed

▼▼▼▼▼▼ "the biggest cause of gun violence in the United States": ▼▼▼▼▼▼
[top 3 & bottom 3]
· 38% “decline in parenting and family values”. This was trailed by
· 14.7% “overly lax parole and short sentencing standards”
· 13.9% “pop culture influence” (eg. violent movies & video games)
· ---
· 4.4% “guns are too prevalent and easy to obtain"
· 2.4% unsure
· 1.6% “economic factors/income inequality"*

{PoliceOnes-2013-Gun-Policy-Law-Enforcement-Survey-Results-Executive-Summary;4/8/13 policeone.com/police/products/press-releases/6188461/}


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