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Open Season

Now comes word that a recently elected West Virginia sheriff, Eugene Crum, was gunned down yesterday.  A suspect has been shot and is in the hospital.

The story notes:

Though there is no indication of any connection, Mr. Crum's killing comes on the heels of a Texas district attorney and his wife being shot to death in their home over the weekend, and just weeks after Colorado's corrections director [Tom Clements] also was gunned down at his home.

Not mentioned is the murder less than ten weeks ago of Assistant DA Mark Hasse, also in Texas.

I am tempted to launch a little nasty snark here by wondering whether the "atmosphere of hate" directed against prosecutors and police is responsible for what's going on.  I will resist the temptation.  First, I have no specific evidence to support it, which is sufficient per se to counsel circumspection.  Second, accusations like that, even if they turn out to be true, are poisonous.  The great majority of our adversaries aren't haters, they're just wrong.  But they would get tarred with the "hater" brush, just as are so many of us who support the death penalty. Third, while everyone is at some point tempted to hit back at opponents who routinely use ad hominem instead of analysis, it's the wrong thing to do.

This blog is ultimately about argument, and it's impossible to have a wholesome or even a sensible argument when people are tossing around this "atmosphere of hate" stuff.  Let's just find the killers and give them justice.

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