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Prosecutor's DP Decision in the Aurora Case

Carol McKinley and Christina Ng have this story for ABC on the Arapahoe County DA's decision to reject the plea bargain offer and seek the death penalty for James Holmes for the murder of 12 people in a theater in Aurora, Colorado last year.

Friends of Aurora shooting victims applauded prosecutors' decision today to seek the death penalty for James Holmes, with one friend saying he wanted to be in the room if Holmes is executed.

"I don't know if it's painful. I want him dead. I just want to be there in the room when he dies," Bryan Beard said outside the Colorado courthouse. "He took one of my friends from this Earth. Death equals death."

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Brauchler said his office has reached out to 800 victims and that he had personally spoken with relatives of 60 victims who died and were injured.

Near the end, the story notes the victims' families are divided on the question.  Another story today (which I don't have a link to) quoted one as concerned with the 15 years of appeals.

But these cases don't have to take 15 years.  In a case with no doubt of the identity of the perpetrator, we should have all reviews done in 6 years or less.  Virginia did it with the D.C. Sniper, and cases don't come any more complex than that one.

The penalty decision in a capital case should get one full and fair review.  Any reviews after the first should be limited to issues of guilt.

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