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Pure Bragging

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The University of Chicago Law School has for many years been one of the nation's leaders, and is known to be more open to conservatives (or at least less hostile to them) than the other top schools.  It holds its reunion this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, the Class of 1983 will host a "Distinguished Alumni Panel Discussion."  Among the speakers will be the one-time star student of then-Professor Antonin Scalia.  This speaker was, among other things, the first female Chairman of the Party of the Right while an undergraduate at Yale.  While at Chicago, she was a co-founder of the Federalist Society, which has grown to become probably the country's leading source of conservative and libertarian legal thinking.

In 2009, she was awarded the Bradley Prize in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center (among other recipients have been George F. Will and Charles Krauthammer).  By that time, she had already served as Justice Scalia's first clerk at the Supreme Court; Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan; Associate White House Counsel under President George H. W. Bush; and General Counsel of the Department of Energy under President George W. Bush.

Possibly her most problematic choice came 20 years ago this October, when she married a warmed-over Assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.  But warmed-over or not, I'll be a proud member of the audience when my wife, the spectacularly brilliant and courageous Lee Liberman Otis, gives her talk to her fellow Chicago alums.

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Well, she wasn't really the first female Chairman -- that was Gail Carole Schwarz -- but she was certainly the first to get elected on her own merit and not as the result of a sordid political deal, and I suppose that counts for something.

Tim of Angle, Former Secretary-Treasurer
Silliman '78

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