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The Wonderful Tsarnaev Family

How many times have we seen, behind some young hoodlum, a dysfunctional or fragmented family, or none at all?  The Tsarnaev boys go well beyond what one would describe as "hoodlums," but it would appear that their parenting had more than a few problems.  They were not, so it seems, problems of the standard sort; it wasn't abuse or bad treatment.  It was the opposite:  Mom and pop saw nothing to correct in the little darlings.

Not surprisingly, then, nothing got corrected.

None of this is to dilute either son's responsibility.  Both were adults, neither had any known mental or emotional problems, and each seemed to be able to negotiate the world successfully.  But see-no-evil parenting turns out to be the road to, well, seeing no evil.  Unfortunately, a lot of evil was being missed.

Hat tip to notablogger for sending me this Slate article

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