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Aiming to Mend, not End, Death Penalty

Ashby Jones has this article in the WSJ on efforts in several states to implement rather than scrap their death penalty laws.  He notes the use that opponents have made of the cost argument.

Death-penalty backers in Florida and elsewhere largely agree with the criticisms over cost. But rather than end capital punishment, they aim to make the process more efficient.

"Too many defendants are gaming the system with legal maneuvers that have no bearing on guilt or innocence.... This law will put teeth back into Florida's death penalty," said Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican and a sponsor of the Florida bill.
Florida's reform includes a long-overdue change to a law that requires the governor personally to sign death warrants.  That procedure has resulted in additional delays after the appeals are over, just waiting for the governor to get around to it.  Also noted is the pending repeal of North Carolina's misnamed and ill-advised "Racial Justice Act" and Arkansas's fix of its execution method problem.

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