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Ariel Castro, not brothers, charged with kidnapping & rape

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

Cleveland police this afternoon announced that they have charged Ariel Castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape in connection with holding Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight captive for the last decade.
Police Capt. Ed Tomba said Pedro and Onil Castro will not be charged, though they have warrants on misdemeanor cases, to be heard Thursday morning.
City Prosecutor Victor Perez said there was no reason to believe the brothers were involved. Kidnapping charges against Ariel Castro include the 6-year-old child found in home.

Also in the Plain Dealer, Brandon Blackwell reports on what we know so far about the case, including:

The initial report says Castro forced Knight to deliver Berry's baby. He threatened to kill Knight if the baby did not survive the birth, the source said.

The women were chained in the basement during the first years of their captivity, the report reveals, but were eventually allowed to live unchained upstairs, behind secured doors.

The source also provided details on how DeJesus and Knight were found after Berry escaped the home and placed a frantic 9-1-1 call.

The first two officers to arrive at Castro's home crawled into the house through the front storm-door, With guns drawn, officers searched upstairs, where they walked a hallway and called out that they were with Cleveland police. That is when one of the officers saw a pair of eyes peeking through a slightly-opened bedroom door, the source said.

The eyes belonged to Knight, who fled the room and leapt into the arms of one of the officers and repeatedly said "you saved me." The officer choked back tears, the source said, and soon DeJesus entered the hall from another room.

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