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Florida Execution

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The execution of Elmer Carroll for the rape and murder of 10-year-old Christine McGowan has been carried out, News 13 in Orlando reports.  As noted in yesterday's News Scan, Carroll already had two convictions for child molestation when he committed the crime. 

Justice took 22 years in this case of clearly aggravated murder with no doubt that we have the right guy.  There is no reason for such a case to take so long.  Yet the usual suspects are actually calling on Governor Scott to veto the modest step toward reform taken by the Legislature, HB 7083. 

That act merely (1) fixes the entirely unnecessary and pointless delay of executions while waiting for the governor personally to get around to signing the warrant, and (2) imposes some reporting requirements on the courts regarding delays in their reviews of the case.  The bill does not directly mandate the courts to speed up processing.  The Legislature has caved in to the Florida Supreme Court's dubious invalidation of its 2000 reforms.

The only valid criticism of HB 7083 is that is does not go far enough.  Governor Scott should sign it promptly and ask the Legislature to pass stronger reform in its next session.

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This case is instructive for other reasons--the backstory is that this guy had previous convictions for molestation, yet served a short time. Also, this poor little girl lived next to a half-way house for convicts. Whenever I hear about liberals yapping about draconian punishments or when they collectively approve the "wisdom" of the Plata majority, I think about victims like Christine McGowan. This is what happens when "judges" consider themselves enlightened. And the sad thing about it is that kids like Christine pay the price for such enlightenment.

With respect to the Plata decision, the game was rigged with an obviously biased panel. And, in a shameful decision, the Supreme Court obviously cared more about the optics than public safety. I doubt these Justices gave much more than a second thought about little girls like Christine McGowan, forced to live in proximity to criminals.

I'm sure a lot people think that I am over the top in my criticism of these people. Perhaps. But I know for damned sure that those making the decisions have little personal fear of crime given their station in life. This is why I loathe judges who twist the law to help criminals escape the punishment they so richly deserve. And I don't really care people think it's out of line. These people offload risk onto vulnerable members of society while soaking the adulations of the chattering class. A disgusting spectacle.

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