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He Keeps Going and Going.......

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Had enough of OJ?

No, you haven't.  Not content with getting away with double murder almost 20 years ago, OJ is back in court, claiming ineffective assistance of counsel by the lawyer in his 2008 armed robbery trial.

The story is hard to decipher.  Apparently, it's some sort of a Lafler claim.  But three things are quite clear, not that we should be surprised by any of them.

First, nothing that happened was OJ's fault.  It was his lawyer, and OJ was only acting on the advice of counsel.  Second, a system that is already vastly over-litigated and overspending is willing to tolerate apparently unending concoctions to soak up yet more time and money.  Third, the defense bar relishes its re-birth as the modern incarnation of cannibalism, as one crew of defense lawyers munches on the carcass of the last crew.

In short, the current goings-on display a good deal of what's wrong with the practice of criminal law in this country, and the picture is not pretty. 

1 Comment

This is a state habeas corpus proceeding in Nevada District Court.

From the story, it appears his main complaint is that his lawyer advised him not to testify. That is usually the correct advice, particularly when the client is an arrogant s.o.b. who will come off badly.

Simpson did not testify in his L.A. criminal trial, and he was acquitted. He did testify in the wrongful death civil action, and he was found to have done it by clear and convincing evidence.

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