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Kids-For-Cash Conviction Affirmed (Mostly)

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The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit today affirmed, with one exception, the conviction of a corrupt former Pennsylvania judge in United States v. Ciavarella, No. 11-3277.  Mark Scolforo has this story for AP.  From the opinion:

The charges resulted from the so-called "Kids for Cash" scandal that erupted in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in late 2008. Ciavarella and his fellow judge, Michael Conahan, were accused of receiving over $2.8 million in three years from a commercial builder, Robert Mericle, and an attorney and businessman, Robert Powell, in exchange for helping to construct and operate juvenile detention centers and placing juvenile offenders there.
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Over the course of several years, Ciavarella committed hundreds of juveniles to detention centers co-owned by Powell, including many who were not represented by counsel, without informing the juveniles or their families of his conflict of interest.

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This crime deserves the death penalty.

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