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News Scan

LA Probation Arming Officers in Response to Realignment:  Christina Villacorte of the San Bernardino Sun reports that the Chief Probation Officer of Los Angeles County, Jerry Powers,  is following suit with other probation departments to increase the number of armed probation officers.  Before AB109 most probation officers were not armed as they supervised the petty thieves and minor offenders in their charge, but now that Realignment has shifted large numbers of hardened criminals from state parole to county probation there are real concerns about probation officer safety. Of the probationers realigned to L.A. County, 499 are classified as "very high risk", and 7,197 are classified as "high risk." The Probation's Special Enforcement Operations Unit is stepping up recruitment to handle the unprecedented challenges. Supervisor Michael Antonovich says nearly 12,000 of the state's AB109'ers have been rearrested for violating parole or committing new crimes.

Jerry Brown Submits Incarceration Reduction Plan "Under Protest":  According to a report by Howard Mintz of the Mercury News, Thursday night Gov. Jerry Brown submitted a plan to reduce California's prison population by 10,000 inmates by years end. The plan, submitted "under protest", saves Gov. Brown from being held in contempt of court for failing to comply with the federal court ruling ordering CA to reduce its prison population. The state disagrees, claiming that current prison housing facilities; medical and mental health facilities are adequate. Realignment, Gov. Brown's attempt to reduce overcrowding by shifting criminals from prisons to county jails, is proving to be a major threat to public safety. Gov. Brown cites further concerns over public safety under the federal mandate to release more prison inmates and has vowed to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Continued from this News Scan. 

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