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News Scan

CA Counties Frustration Mounts as Law Enforcement Struggles Under AB109:  Kurtis Alexander of the Fresno Bee reports problems are mounting for California law enforcement under realignment, as a combination of limits on parole time and overcrowding cause parole violators to be released quickly or not incarcerated at all. In the first two months of realignment Fresno County Jail ran out of space and was forced to adopt a non-incarceration policy towards violators. San Joaquin and Merced counties have taken to similar methods. Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin says the problem is affecting jails throughout California. Mark McDavitt, a Fresno sex offender, was caught and released six times for violating parole until he was charged with annoying or molesting a child after he accosted girls in a park. Another parolee and sex offender Jerome DeAvila raped and murdered his 76 year old grandmother in Stockton last year. Parole agents express frustration with the lack of ability to enforce compliance under AB109, and say that with no threat of incarceration, parolees will continue to do as they please.

CA Officer Shot in Coulton, Suspects Held:  John Asbury of the Press Enterprise reports correctional officer Tom Dennie, 52, was shot Thursday night at a Coulton, California gas station en route to work. Two suspects, Christopher Josephat Marquez, 24, and Anthony Gomez Jr., 31, have been arrested. Gomez, discharged from parole in March, 2012 has an extensive criminal history. It is reported that after asking Dennie for directions, the two suspects opened fire, shooting the officer in the leg and head. The suspects were apprehended shortly after the incident, and are being held on $1 million bail. Dennie remains in critical condition at last report.

TX Shooter Sentenced to Death: 
Juan A. Lozano of the Associated Press reports Bartholomew Granger, 42, received the death sentence, Thursday, for the fatal shooting of Minnie Ray Sebolt, 79. Granger ambushed his daughter in March, 2012 outside of the courthouse where she went to testify against him for a case of sexual assault. Granger's attack resulted in Sebolt's death, the near death of his daughter and the wounding of one other woman. The jury recommended the death penalty after 2 hours of deliberation.

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