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News Scan

CA Corrections Tries to Sugarcoat Realignment:   Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times reports on a new study by the California Department of Corrections promoted by a press release announcing that arrests are down under Realignment.  What was not mentioned by the press release is that repeat offenses are up.  Roughly half the criminals released from prison before Realignment were rearrested more than once for new crimes.   After Realignment 63% of those released are rearrested more than once.  Our review of the study found that felony arrests for criminals released after Realignment were up significantly.  Also omitted from CDCR's press release is the fact that the number of parolees arrested for new felonies is up.  The total arrests are down a little because a decrease in arrests for supervision violations offsets the increase in felony arrests.

Court to Rule on Mississippi Murderer's Second Conviction:   A Mississippi man who had his execution for the 1992 murders of two college students stayed by the state Supreme Court earlier this month will receive a ruling on his post-conviction claims for two other murders in late June.  AP reporter Jack Elliott writes that Willie Jerome Manning was within hours of execution on May 7th when the state high court issued a stay to allow a DNA test Manning claims will exonerate him.  His conviction and death sentence for the 1993 murders of two elderly woman were upheld on direct appeal.  A judge's ruling on his post conviction claim that prosecutors withheld evidence will be announced on June 28. 

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