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News Scan

DNA Testing of Arrestees Moving Though Wis. Legislature:   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposal to require DNA testing of anyone arrested for a felony passed out of a key committee Thursday.  AP writer Todd Richmond reports that if adopted, the law will pump about 68,000 new samples into the state and federal DNA databases.  The proposal allows a suspect's sample to be removed if he is not convicted or if his conviction is reversed.  Civil rights advocates are criticizing the expanded testing  as an invasion of privacy.  The U.S. Supreme Court will rule on a challenge to a similar law in Maryland sometime in the next few weeks.  

Holder OK'd Search of Reporter's Emails:  NBC News writer Michael Isikoff reports that the DOJ has confirmed that the warrant to seize Fox News reporter James Rosen's emails was approved "at the highest levels" of the Department after "discussions" with Attorney General Eric Holder.  This admission came after blistering criticism by news and media groups over the warrant and secret subpoena for the phone records of AP reporters.  The Department says that the warrant was a legitimate effort to obtain evidence against former intelligence analyst Stephen Kim, who is suspected to have leaked classified information to Rosen.  Critics point to the warrant and subpoena as efforts to chill investigative reporting.  

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