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Sometimes, They Just Bug You

Kent just mentioned the ACLU, an organization known for its robust (shall we say, to be nice about it) defense of the Fourth Amendment and privacy generally. 

Liberals tend to be quite vigilant about "privacy," a concept they often employ as a substitute for something with a less appetizing aroma, like "secrecy."  For example:  "People should have the right to meet in private, without being bugged by the FBI" gets used when a less gauzy sentence would read:  "The mob should have the right to plan their next rubout in secret, without being bugged by the FBI." 

Speaking of privacy, where were the liberals when people  --  perhaps even liberals themselves!  --  were poking through Judge Bork's trashcan hoping to dig up dirt for his Supreme Court confirmation hearing?  Well, hey, I wouldn't want to open any old wounds, so I'll open some new ones instead.  The one that comes to mind is today's story in the Weekly Standard about how yet another liberal pays homage to the right of "privacy."

Sometimes their hypocrisy just bugs you.

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