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South Carolina Special Election

Mostly off-topic political note.
AP reports that Mark Sanford has won the special election for the congressional seat of Tim Scott, who was appointed to the Senate.

Sanford is a former governor who cheated on his wife, abandoned his office, used government funds to visit his mistress in Argentina, and lied to the people about where he was.

His opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, insists on being called by two surnames, so the personal issues are about a wash.*

On a broader scale, the balance of control in the House of Representatives is critically important and too close for comfort.  Republican control of the House and of its Judiciary Committee is far better for law abiding people, while Democratic control would be far better for criminals.  So personal issues aside, it is a good thing that the country did not take a step closer to the horrifying possibility of a return to Speaker Pelosi.

* Just kidding.


The problem is that the Democrats will now use Sanford as the face of the Republican Party, just as they used Todd Akin (the disastrous Missouri Senate candidate). The phony "War on Women" campaign just got a boost.

I was glad Sanford won for the reasons you state, but I could not have voted for him. His behavior was breathtakingly juvenile and dishonest. I understand how utterly overwhelming it can be to fall in love when you're 15, but, at his age, you have to be able to handle it better than that.

I also think he's now going to be going on and on about the value of "second chances" and "redemption," which is defensespeak pure and simple. Every hoodlum from now on will incorporate Mark Sanford into his sentencing spiel about how he's a "changed man."


Was there really not one Republican in that whole congressional district other than Sanford who could've made a decent candidate?

Plus, even if you're a Republican, couldn't you have voted for the Democrat who would've ended up serving only about a year and a half, and then vote for a Republican again in 2014? I mean, one Republican more or less won't make a whole lot of difference in the House of Representatives, in contrast to the Senate.

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