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Teenie Boppers for Dzhokhar

We saw in the Christopher Dorner case that an Internet subculture grew up to cheerlead for the multiple killer.  We now have something even crazier, or more disgusting, I'm not sure which.  I'll just give a sample from this piece in gawker.com:

#FreeJahar resists describing itself as a "fandom." Because #FreeJahar is mostly young and largely female, its habitu├ęs struggle with the perception that their interest in the Tsarnaev's case is mostly about Tsarnaev himself. "i've noticed the only thing the haters can say is: all the people on this tag are young horny girls [and] we are only defending Jahar because he's good looking," one blogger wrote. (The fact that dedicated #FreeJahar blogs routinely reblog posts calling Tsarnaev "the world[']s hottest terrorist" or collecting tweets about Tsarnaev's good looks doesn't help.)

Yes, it's all true.   A certain segment of 9th grade girls has temporarily abandoned cliques to swoon for Dzhokhar because.....well.....because.....he's so cute.

Just when I start to renew my faith in kids by talking to my friends' children, something like this shows up.  Yikes.

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