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Eric Holder, at It Again

Contrary to some other conservative/libertarian bloggers, I believe Eric Holder did not tell the truth about his supposedly not being "involved" in the "potential prosecution" of a Fox News reporter.  My view rested on the fact that Holder had previously told a court, inter alia, that the reporter was probably an aider, abettor or co-conspirator in a federal felony; might be a risk to flee; and (later, and with amazing candor) characterized his application to the court as having "branded" the reporter "a criminal."  That's not a "potential prosecution?"

But our Attorney General is irrepressible.  Although, as Kent noted yesterday, New York City has had tremendous success with its "stop-question-and frisk" policing  -- having reduced major felonies by an astonishing 75% over the last generation  --  Mr. Holder is having none of it.  His DOJ has filed papers in a suit challenging the program  --  not on the side of the city, but on the side of the city's opponents. Readers will not be surprised to hear that one of the main arguments DOJ is making is Old Reliable itself, racial profiling.

That's it!  Michael Bloomberg's police department is a bunch of Klansman.

Give it a rest, Mr. Holder.  The notion that the very liberal mayor of one of the country's most liberal cities is, in 2013, running a racist police department is so much Al Sharptonesque nonsense.

No serious person thinks that Mayor Bloomberg discriminates based on the color of your skin.  Now the color of your 20-ounce soft drink............

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