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Mile High Justice

The WaPo's political blog, The Fix, has this post on the governorships deemed in play this year and next.  Most pertinent for us:

Colorado comes onto the line for the first time this cycle following a Quinnipiac University poll showing former congressman Tom Tancredo (R) running neck-and-neck with the once highly popular governor. Hickenlooper's decision to grant a temporary reprieve to a convicted murderer was received very poorly by Colorado voters in the survey. It's just one poll, and time will tell whether it is an outlier. But for now, this race is worth keeping an eye on.
The poll is here.  Quinnipiac says,

Colorado voters say 69 - 24 percent that the death penalty should stay on the books and not be replaced by life in prison with no chance of parole, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. At the same time, Gov. John Hickenlooper finds himself running neck and neck with possible challengers in the 2014 governor's race.

Voters disapprove 67 - 27 percent of Gov. Hickenlooper's decision to grant convicted murderer Nathan Dunlap a reprieve, and 74 percent say the death penalty will be "very important" or "somewhat important" in their vote for governor next year, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.
I would dearly love to see Hickenlooper get the boot and for it to be clear that this is the reason.  It would be just deserts for Hickenlooper himself.  It would allow a reboot of justice for Colorado, one of the states stabbed in the back by the Supreme Court's Walton/Ring flip-flop.  It would send a strong signal to governors elsewhere considering similar shenanigans.

The clemency power is a necessary and important safeguard to correct miscarriages of justice in individual cases that have somehow slipped through the cracks, uncorrected by the judicial process.  Using it to block the enforcement of a law altogether is a misuse of authority.


After approving recreational dope last year, I have no doubt they're a mile high.

Hickenlooper deserves serious criticism for his faux Hamlet-like moral preening. He dragged out a decision that he had already made and forced victims' families to suffer more than they already have. A disgusting spectacle.

And then after all that nonsense--Hickenlooper (or more accurately, one of his twit staffers) pens a ridiculous statement justifying how he chose the interests of a quadruple capital murderer over those of the victims' families. Typical.

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