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NC RJA Repeal Passes House

North Carolina was one of the few bright spots in the last election.  One forthcoming consequence is the repeal of the misnamed, ill-conceived, so-called "Racial Justice Act," which allows dubious statistical claims to hold up or prevent the deserved execution of clearly guilty murderers.  Colleen Jenkins reports for Reuters:

North Carolina lawmakers took additional steps on Tuesday to repeal a divisive racial bias law in a move designed to restart executions in the state.
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"No one wants actual racial discrimination," Representative Paul Stam, a Republican, said during the debate of the proposed repeal. "What we don't want also is for race to be used for a pretext in order to stop the death penalty."
Regrettably, Ms. Jenkins cannot resist The Fallacy of the Irrelevant Denominator:

Statistics show that of the 152 people on death row in North Carolina, 80 are black, 62 are white and the remainder fall into other racial categories in a state where African Americans overall make up around a fifth of the population.
The proportion of the population is irrelevant.  What is the proportion of murderers?  The article doesn't say.  Nationally, we have long known that white people make up a somewhat larger percentage of death row than their percentage of murderers, just the opposite of what the anti-DP folks imply with their irrelevant denominator.

The bill goes back to the Senate, where it has already passed.

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