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Nevada Adopts Brianna's LawBeginning July 1, 2014, individuals arrested for a felony in Nevada will have their cheek swabbed upon booking under SB 243, also known as Brianna's Law.  Matt Woolbright of the Associated Press reports that after the arrest is determined to be justified, the DNA obtained from the cheek-swab will be cross-referenced against DNA collected from other crime scenes.  If probable-cause is lacking in the case, the DNA obtained will be destroyed prior to the cross-referencing process.  Brianna's Law was introduced after 19 year old Brianna Denison was murdered in 2008 by James Biela; a previously convicted felon.  The bill was signed into law last Wednesday, days before the Supreme Court announced its decision in Maryland v. King, ruling that DNA testing does not violate the Fourth Amendment.  The DNA collected is to be used in aiding law enforcement with future cases, and can be removed from the system three years after the date of collection by request of the arrestee.    

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