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News Scan

Oklahoma Murderer to be Executed: Convicted murderer James Lewis DeRosa is set to be executed at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary tonight at 6:00 p.m.  Rachel Peterson of McAlester News reports that DeRosa was convicted in 2001 on two counts of first-degree murder.  The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board denied DeRosa's request for clemency earlier this month by a vote of 3-2.    Update:  DeRosa was pronounced dead at 6:07 pm last night as reported here.

Sentencing in Obama-Clinton Primary Fraud Scandal: Four Indiana Democrats who pleaded guilty in their state's presidential petition fraud scandal were sentenced on Monday.  Eric Shawn of Fox News reports that a student at Yale University noticed multiple signatures, over 200 of them, written in the same handwriting for the presidential petitions used to place candidates on the ballot.  Had Hillary Clinton challenged the petitions during the Indiana primary race, election fraud would have been detected, which could have resulted in Obama's removal from the Indiana primary ballot.       

Federal Appeals Court Releases Admitted Murderer: A federal appeals court has freed a convicted murderer based on the location of his crimes.  KOCO Oklahoma City News reports that David Magnan, who was sentenced to death for a triple homicide, was freed because the crimes were committed on Indian land.  The state lacks authority to prosecute crimes committed on Indian land.  However, it is likely that Magnan will be rearrested by federal authorities since he admitted to the murders.

Inmate Release Judge to Rule on Valley Fever Case:  A lawyer from the Prison Law Office is demanding that 3,250 inmates be moved from San Joaquin Valley prisons to prevent deaths from the fungus-born Valley Fever.  Over the past seven years an estimated three dozen inmates have died from the disease.  Mihir Zaveri and Don Thompson of the Associated Press report that Judge Thelton Henderson will decide if the move is necessary.  Judge Henderson was a member of the three judge panel which in 2010, ordered California to release roughly 36,000 inmates after it found that overcrowding had resulted in inadequate prison healthcare.  The state has asked for more time until a CDC study of the issue is completed. 

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