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News Scan

Woman who Buried Mom in Yard Headed to Prison: An Ohio woman, Patricia Hodges, has been sentenced to 30 days in prison after authorities discovered she buried her mother in their backyard and lived off of her Social Security checks for 14 years.  The Associated Press reports that a Social Security Administration officer went to the home in November of 2011 seeking proof that Hodge's mother, who would have been 103, was still alive.  The judge also ordered Hodges to pay back more than $141,000 in Social Security benefits.

Federal Judges Order Immediate Release of California Inmates: A panel of federal judges ordered Governor Jerry Brown to begin releasing inmates from California state prisons immediately.  Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times reports that the judges ordered the governor to expand good-times credits which would enable inmates to finish their prison sentences early.  Governor Brown has challenged the federal laws responsible for establishing prison populations.

All Female Jury Selected for Zimmerman Trial: The two-week long jury selection process for the George Zimmerman trial ended today, and the six-person jury is made up exclusively of women.  Fox News reports that an additional two men and two women were selected as alternates in a case that is expected to last up to four weeks.  The presiding judge decided earlier this week that the jury will be sequestered throughout the duration of the trial.

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