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News Scan

Sentencing in Immigrant Smuggling Case: A federal judge has sentenced two former Border Patrol agents to serve at least 30 years in prison for their involvement in smuggling more than 500 illegal immigrants into the United States.  Julie Watson of the Associated Press reports that the two agents, who happen to be brothers, charged each immigrant about $10,000 to bring them into the country.  It has been estimated that the brothers smuggled in as many as 1,000 immigrants, resulting in a profit of over $700,000. 

Sex Offender Charged in Florida Girl's Murder:
A Florida man, Donald Smith, has been charged in the kidnapping and murder of an eight year-old girl reported missing last Friday.  The Huffington Post reports that Smith, a registered sex offender since 1993, kidnapped the young girl after befriending her mother and offering to buy the family food and clothing.  Smith was released from jail only 21 days prior to the kidnapping on charges stemming from a 2009 attempted child abuse case.

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