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News Scan

Last Minute Insanity Claim Halts Florida Execution: A federal appeals court halted the execution of Florida death row inmate, Marshall Lee Gore, an hour before he was set to die by lethal injection.  David Ovalle of the Miami Herald reports that Gore, who was convicted of murdering two women 25 years ago, was granted a stay of execution after his lawyers made an insanity claim on his behalf.  Gore has no documented history of mental illness, and was found to be mentally sound by psychiatrists after the governor ordered him to be evaluated.

Baby Killer Granted Parole: A California appellate court ignored Governor Brown's decision to deny parole for convicted baby-killer, Christopher Fowler, and agreed with the Parole Board to release him.  Nannette Miranda of ABC 7 Sacramento reports that the court believes Fowler's good behavior and participation in rehabilitative programs while incarcerated indicate that he will be a "low-risk offender" in the community upon release.  Governor Brown is currently reviewing the case, and can ask the California Supreme Court for a hearing if he decides to intervene in Fowler's release. 

Convicted Murderer Kills Again While Serving Life Sentence: An inmate at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville has been ordered to stand trial for the 2010 death of a fellow inmate.  Ryan Chalk of The Reporter reports that Andrew Roman, 46, allegedly assaulted another inmate and threw him over a third floor railing resulting in his death.  Prosecutors say Roman was already serving a life sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder.     

Convicted Rapist Linked to Cold Case Murder:  A cold case from 1982 has been solved after DNA evidence linked John Ernest Walsh, a convicted rapist, to the murder of Stefanie Watson.  Brad Bell of ABC News reports that Walsh was given a life sentence in 1969 for a rape he committed, but murdered Stefanie while he was out on parole from 1980 to 1989. Walsh, now 68, will be charged with first degree murder.

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