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A Killer with an MBA

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Douglas Feldman, a double murderer who was a financial analyst with an MBA from SMU, was executed by the State of Texas today.  Those who like to say that capital punishment falls only on people from the lower socioeconomic strata of society, please take note.  Death sentences for people from middle and upper "SES" are less common for the simple and correct reason that especially heinous murders committed by such people are less common.

But they do happen.  Feldman killed trucker Robert Everett in an incident of "road rage."  Then he killed another trucker, Nicholas Valesquez, whom he had no beef with at all, but who was simply filling up a gas station's tank from his tanker truck.  Then he shot and wounded Antonio Vega, who was simply standing outside a burger joint.

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This was a richly deserved death sentence.

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