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Heather MacDonald on Obama's Race Speech

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At City Journal, Heather MacDonald has this essay on President Obama's speech on the Martin/Zimmerman case and on race.  Her take is a bit different from the gushing reviews in most newspapers:

The only question about President Obama's surprise Trayvon Martin expostulation on Friday is whether it was the worst speech he's ever given or simply the worst race-related speech. Obama has now put the presidential imprimatur on the crudest kind of racial victimology, in the process diminishing his office and undermining his own record of occasionally speaking the truth about inner-city dysfunction.

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Decencyevolves: the best response I've seen to the kind of pro-racial profiling nonsense Heather MacDonald peddles in this piece comes from Conor Friedersdorf, a less doctrinaire conservative columnist. He notes the hypocrisy of urging that African Americans must be treated as individuals for purposes of affirmative action, while embracing racial profiling as perfectly justified:


That makes sense to me.

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