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News Scan

FBI Documents Indicate no Racial Bias in Zimmerman Case: Pursuing a civil rights violation charge against George Zimmerman may be difficult for the Justice Department due to a lack of evidence as cited by previously filed documents from the FBI.  Fox News reports that civil rights charges have been issued in the past with cases such as the Rodney King beating, but filing them in the Zimmerman case will be difficult due to the lack of evidence to support that he killed Trayvon Martin based on racial bias.  The FBI has already interviewed dozens of people in the case, and has found no evidence to indicate the killing of Martin was racially motivated.

Death Row Inmate Waives Clemency Hearing: An Oklahoma death row inmate scheduled to be executed in September has waived his right to a clemency hearing with the state's Parole and Pardon Board.  Tim Talley of the Associated Press reports that Anthony Banks was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death 34 years ago, and is also serving a life sentence for an unrelated killing he committed the year prior.  Banks is set to die by lethal injection September 10th, 2013.

Sex Offender Sneaks into Jail and Assaults Inmate: Former New York City inmate, Matthew Mantagrano, has been accused of sneaking back into jail and assaulting an inmate after spending more than a week inside of the facility.  James Daniel of Daily Mail reports that Mantagrano used a fake gold badge and impersonated a Corrections investigator to gain access to both the Manhattan Detention Center and Riker's Island jail.  Mantagrano allegedly assaulted and strip-searched an inmate, handed out cigarettes, and stole $5,000 worth of equipment from security officers.

Former California Governors Seek Inmate Release Delay: Four of California's former governors have joined Governor Brown in asking the U.S. Supreme for a stay in order to delay the release of almost 10,000 inmates.  Sam Stanton of the Sacramento Bee reports that the "friend of the court" brief was filed this morning by CJLF in response to an earlier decision made by a three-panel judge ordering the state to release 9,600 inmates by the end of the year.  The panel has ordered the release of thousands of inmates in order to address the issue of prison overcrowding.

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