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News Scan

FBI Arrests 150 Pimps in Sex-Trafficking Raid: The FBI conducted a nationwide sting in 76 U.S. cities over the weekend targeting pimps who prey on children, resulting in 150 arrests and 105 teenagers being rescued.  Fox News reports that the youngest victim rescued was only nine years old, and that child sex trafficking is one of the most prevalent and violent crimes in our country today.  The sting was conducted under the FBI's "Innocence Lost" initiative; a campaign developed in 2003 which is aimed at rescuing children from sex-trafficking rings.

Man Robbed After Being told "This is for Trayvon Martin": A white man was robbed of his phone and wallet in Washington D.C. over the weekend, and police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.  Alan Duke of CNN reports that three black men approached the victim and told him "this is for Trayvon Martin" before robbing him early Saturday morning.  The alleged robbery is one of many revenge-type incidents surrounding the acquittal of George Zimmerman two weeks ago. 

Federal Murder Witness Killed Prior to Testifying: Gregory Sawyers, a Kentucky man named as a witness in a federal murder trial, was murdered over the weekend after surviving two prior attempts on his life.  WLWT reports that Sawyers was set to testify against Ricky Kelly, a man facing murder for hire and racketeering charges in an effort to protect a large drug trafficking organization.  Court documents indicate that Sawyers was shot multiple times in 2005 and was beaten in a county jail in 2010 while he was being held as a protected federal witness.

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