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News Scan

Former Soldier Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy:  Bradley Manning, the former U.S. Army soldier accused of participating in the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history, has been found not guilty by a military court on charges of aiding the enemy-a charge that could have resulted in a life sentence.  Despite being acquitted on the most serious charge, Fox News reports that Manning was indicted on 20 other charges and was found guilty on multiple counts of espionage, theft, and other military infractions.  Manning will be sentenced for those crimes tomorrow. 

Neglected California Prison Bond Haunts Governor Brown:  Most of a $7.4 billion bond measure adopted in 2007 to  alleviate prison overcrowding remains unspent as violent crime rates continue to rise in cities across California.  Michael Marois of Bloomberg News reports that only a fifth of the money approved by legislature has been spent after Governor Brown cancelled $4.1 billion that was intended for prison building projects that would have allowed the state to house more inmates instead of releasing them into communities under Realignment.  A panel of federal judges has ordered Brown to reduce the prison population by another 9,600 inmates by the end of the year.     

Police Dog' Results in Overturned Murder Conviction: A Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel has overturned a 2006 murder conviction after the police dog used in finding the bulk of the evidence was deemed unreliable.  Melanie Johnston of the Diamond Bar-Walnut Patch reports that the prosecution's case hinged on evidence found after the dog initially indicated to officers that the defendant's scent was on a stolen car tied to the murder.  The appeals court found that the prosecution failed to reveal the dog's questionable history and has ordered a Los Angeles judge to either release defendant Gilbert Aguilar or grant him a new trial.        

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