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News Scan

Delaware Study Reveals Alarming Recidivism Rates: A study conducted by the Delaware Criminal Justice Council conducted in 2012 found that almost 8 out of 10 inmates that had been sentenced to more than a year in prison were re-arrested within three years of release for a serious offense.  Delaware Online reports that the report, Recidivism in Delaware, revealed that 71 percent of prisoners are convicted of a serious crime, and that 68 percent return to prison for at least one day.  The study defines serious crimes as any felony, along with some misdemeanors including marijuana possession and prostitution.

Man Sentenced to Prison After Bringing Guns to Obama Appearance
: A Kentucky man has been sentenced to spend four years in prison after trying to drive his car loaded with guns through a security barricade during Barack Obama's visit last September.  Jim Hannah of NKY Cincinnati reports that Kerry Prater was sentenced by a federal judge after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm by a person committed to a mental institution.  Prater was previously committed to a mental hospital in 2001 and again in 2005 based on the level of danger he posed to himself and others.  

Mom Throws Her Baby in a Car to Avoid Arrest: An Illinois woman is under arrest after allegedly shoplifting over $300 worth of merchandise from a clothing store and then tossing her baby into her car in an effort to outrun police.  Fox St. Louis reports that Mykayla Bator was caught shoplifting by store employees and proceeded to toss her baby into her vehicle through an open window as she fled the property.  Bator has been charged with child endangerment, shoplifting, and illegal possession of a prescription narcotic.   

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